Save Your Company

Let Goldfish keep fraud out of your business!

We can eliminate the threat of favoritism in any purchasing situation. Goldfish processes restrict any illegal activity from occurring. Save your company from:

Vendor kickbacks

Our buyer/seller contacts are anonymous until the bid request is complete - no favoritism due to financial kickbacks.

Going around competitive bidding or Preferred Vendor Treatment:

Attempting to direct bids to friends, relatives. The system selects and invites all qualified vendors at the same time.

Contacting a Vendor after all bids are received:

Contacting a favorite vendor for a special bid opportunity. All qualified vendors are invited at the same time. Each vendor has one chance to submit their best quote. All quotes are reviewed anonymously at the same time in the final stage before awarding a winner.

Buyers job isn't finished when three bids are received:

Buyer is notified when all qualified vendor bids are received - all qualified vendors are eligible. Goldfish Resources is committed to providing our customers with a proven, Patent Pending software system guaranteeing the integrity and honesty of their purchasing program.