Who We Are

Goldfish Resources LLC is a software company providing a unique program and service to enhance your company’s procurement process in placing and receiving multiple bids. Applicable for businesses and organizations of all sizes, Goldfish Resources program and service will guarantee our customers receive competitive bids, full in-house accountability and greatly improved efficiency. The paramount feature is in the process of the final bid selection and approval, where Goldfish keeps the entire process between buyer and seller totally and securely anonymous – a feature making Goldfish Resources attractive to everyone desiring a completely “arms- length” and secure bidding process
Highlights of our program include:

Competitive Bidding

Results in price savings, which in turn guarantees best possible pricing
Identifies and promotes new vendors to offer competitive pricing in specific categories


Anonymous bid awards which allows for unbiased selection of vendors
Strengthens arms-length transactions and reduces audit risks by decreasing fraudulent bids
Eliminates discrepancies between bids and invoice by referencing bid to purchase order
Generates reports to monitor active purchasing
Shows purchasing trends

Improved Efficiency

Establishes a simple process by executing a Cost Savings Strategy instead of just “Winging It”
Reduces Man-Hours and improves efficiency of sending and receiving bids
Improves communication by having bids at your fingertips and eliminates human error

Vendor Relations

All customer approved vendors will be entered on your Goldfish website, including all pertinent data, including location, items and contact information. Goldfish personnel will conduct on-site or video training for all vendors on proper utilization of our program. In addition, weekly or monthly vendor revisions on your website will be conducted. This service is included for all Goldfish customers. Assistance for our customers and their vendors will be provided through our 24/7 Help Desk as well as being available on-line through your Goldfish website question and answer section.